Aids to Navigation (AtoN)


This list contains the main data about all shore-based and floating Aids to Navigation (AtoN) permanently installed in Lithuanian territorial sea and exclusive economic zone.

AtoN are compiled in the order according their geographical location – starting from Šventoji lighthouse in the North to Nida lighthouse in South.

Numbers of AtoN correspond to the numbers given in "Lithuanian List of Lights. Baltic sea" and the international numbers prefixed by the letter "C" correspond to the numbers given in the "Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals, Volume C, Baltic sea" .

IALA Maritime Buoyage System for region „A“ is used in Lithuanian territorial sea and exclusive economic zone.

There is no information about AtoN installed in Curonian Lagoon in this list. All necessary information about navigation in Curonian Lagoon can be received at the Inland Waterways Authority (




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- AtoN No. 0042 (C3368.5) abolished - NW 067/17.
- Established new AtoN - No. 0037.2 (C3367) "LNG Terminal North" - NW 076/14.
- Established new AtoN - No. 0037.3 (C3367.5) "LNG Terminal South" - NW 028/14.

0038 Starboard Hand Light-Buoy No.29
0039 Starboard Hand Light-Buoy No.31
0040 Starboard Hand Light-Buoy No.33
0041.1 (C3369) Malkų Įlankos Pirminis
0041.2 (C3369.1) Malkų Įlankos Antrinis
0042.1 (C3368.6) Malkų Įlankos Rytinis
0043 Starboard Hand Light-Buoy No.35
0044 Starboard Hand Light-Buoy No.37
0045 Starboard Hand Light-Buoy No.39
0045.1 Special Light-Buoy
0046 (C3368.7) Žvejybos Uosto Vakarinis
0047 (C3368.8) Žvejybos Uosto Rytinis
0048 Port Hand Light-Buoy No.1A
0048.1 Starboard Hand Light-Buoy No.2A
- - - JUODKRANTĖ - - -
0049 (C3334) Juodkrantė
- - - NIDA - - -
0050 (C3318) Nida
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