15th Meeting of HELCOM MARITIME Group


      15th Meeting of HELCOM MARITIME group (thereinafter – the Meeting),  hosted by the Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration, will be held in Klaipeda, Lithuania, on 23-25 November, 2015.

      The Meeting, among others, will discuss the national progress in ratification of the IMO Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention, remaining regional tasks in preparing for the entry into force of this Convention. The Meeting will also consider enforcement  of  the  new  limits  for  SOx emissions,  entered  into  force  in  the  Baltic  Sea  from  1 January  2015, and preliminary  results  regarding  scrubbing  technology  and  associated legislation. The Meeting should also agree on the roadmap for designating a NOx emission control area (NECA) in the Baltic Sea in parallel with the North Sea, including the date of submission of the parallel applications to the IMO and the date of compliance for new ships in both NECAs.

      Another important question on the agenda ­-  sewage discharges from ships and port reception facilities: proposals on amendments to MARPOL Annex IV, Special Area process, as well as  information and  experience on  on-board  sewage  treatment equipment meeting the MARPOL Annex IV Special Area standards. Agenda of the meeting can be downloaded from Helcom portal at

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