Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration will join FAMOS Odin


      After exactly one year and three days of almost constant efforts Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration will join FAMOS (Finalising Surveys for the Baltic Motorways of the Sea) project.

The FAMOS project aims at improving safety of navigation in the Baltic Sea by increasing hydrographic survey efficiency. This will enable the participating countries to map the remaining areas of interest for commercial shipping in the Baltic Sea according to the BSHC/HELCOM harmonized re-survey plan.

      The FAMOS is planned to cover the time period 2014 to 2020, and is planned to be implemented in three phases: FAMOS Freja 2014-2016, FAMOS Odin 2017-2018, and FAMOS Thor 2019-2020.


The following hydrographic offices of other countries participate in FAMOS:

  • Sweden: Swedish Maritime Administration (lead partner);
  • Finland: Finnish Transport Agency;
  • Estonia: Estonian Maritime Administration;
  • Latvia: Maritime Administration of Latvia;
  • Germany: Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (only activity 2);
  • Denmark: Danish Geodata Agency (only the civilian chart production is included, not the actual surveys organized under the military).

      Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration during it‘s participation in the Project intends to update existing hydrographic, cartographic and geodetic equipment, and partially offset the costs incurred in connection with the major shipping lanes measurement.

      The indicative total cost for the FAMOS project covering the time period 2014-2020 is 79 M€. The hydrographic surveying activity alone has a planned budget of 57 M€, while the other project activities are much smaller in comparison. The project applied for funds from the Connecting Europe Facility transport program, the successor of the TEN-T program, under the horizontal priority Motorways of the Sea.

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