Certification of Enterprises


The Business Entities’ Activity Supervision Division of the Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration certifies enterprises providing services related to maritime safety. Certification is performed in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Maritime Safety Law of the Republic of Lithuania and the Minister of Transport and Communications.


The following services related to maritime safety are identified:

  1. repair, survey and testing of rescue equipment;
  2. repair, survey and testing of ships’ main and auxiliary machinery, equipment and related systems or their parts;
  3. repair, survey and testing of ships’ fire prevention equipment;
  4. repair, survey and testing of navigational and radionavigational devices;
  5. correction of nautical charts, including electronic nautical charts;
  6. pilots’ services;
  7. ships’ towage;
  8. underwater technical works in seaports and at sea;
  9. depth survey in sea ports and at sea;

10.  loading of marine cargoes, except of dangerous and polluting cargoes;

11.  loading of dangerous and polluting marine cargoes;

12.  mooring of ships;

13.  mediation in recruitment of seafarers on board ships or employment of seafarers on board ships;

14.  provision of ships agency services.


State supervision of enterprise activities related to the services specified above are carried out by the Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration.

Enterprise can be certified for multiple services.

Enterprises, which were established in Republic of Lithuania and branches of enterprises which were established in member states of European Union and in other member states, signed the European economic area agreement, can be certified in Republic of Lithuania.


Additional information:

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