Recognition of Certificates of Competency issued by Foreign States


Certificates of competency issued by competent authorities of other States shall be recognized in accordance with the provisions of Regulation I/10 of the Convention and of the signed agreements on mutual recognition of certificates. Certificates of competency issued by competent authorities of States (apart from the Member States of the European Union) that have not signed agreements on mutual recognition of certificates of competency shall not be recognized.


A seafarer seeking to be issued with an endorsement of recognition of a certificate of competency and/or of a radio operator's and/or a GMDSS operator's certificate of competency shall, personally or by attorney, submit the following documents to the Administration:


1. an application in the established form together with a description of the applicant's professional activities;

2. a document identifying the applicant's person and nationality (the original or its notarised copy);

3. a diploma issued to the applicant by a training institution (the original or its notarised copy);

4. the certificate of competency held by the applicant (the original or its notarised copy).


List of third countries whose certificates of competency are recognized by Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration in accordance with signed Undertakings concerning recognition of seafarers’ training and certification system:

1. Azerbaijan

2. Indonesia

3. Russian Federation

4. Singapore

5. Ukraine

6. Georgia

Information updated by Irena Spudytė, Training and Certification Division
Information updated on 2014-12-04 12:57

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