Vessel Traffic Monitoring



European Union, in response to the consequences of serious marine accidents near the European shores, created the Community Maritime Information Exchange electronic system (hereinafter - the SafeSeaNet) which should help to prevent accidents and pollution at sea and to minimize their impact on the marine and coastal environment, local communities, the economy and health.


National Vessel Traffic Monitoring Information System (hereinafter – the NLESIS) is an integral part of the SafeSeaNet. As per order of  Minister of Transport and Communications Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration has been designated as a national competent authority responsible for the NLESIS creation, maintenance and operation.


Main functions of Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration in the field of vessel traffic monitoring:


1. Vessel traffic monitoring in the sea area of responsibility of Lithuania; identification of  potential hazard to safe navigation, human and environment.

2. Delivery of vessel traffic monitoring data to the SafeSeaNet, HELCOM, concerned authorities of the Republic of Lithuania, economic operators and citizens.

3. Organization of the process of accommodation in places of refuge for the ships in need of assistance. Organization of annual meetings with competent authorities in order to improve the measures for accommodation in places of refuge of the ships in need of assistance.

4. National administration of the vessel monitoring systems (SafeSeaNet, Long Range Identification and Tracking, Integrated Maritime Services) operated by European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).

5. Coordination at national level of the NLESIS data users and data providers.


In preparation of operations on anti-pollution or risk of pollution at sea and increasing their efficiency it is very important to know accurate information about the dangerous or polluting goods carried on board the ships. Such information can be quickly obtained through the NLESIS for the vessels calling at Lithuanian seaports or leaving them.


Efficiency of maritime traffic, and in particular the management of the ships‘ call to the ports, also depends on ships giving sufficient advance notice of their arrival. Operational information on ships bound for Lithuanian seaports or leaving them, the expected and actual arrival / departure times can also be obtained through the NLESIS.        


A Single window module has been installed in the NLESIS. It is already used by agents servicing the ships at the Butinge Oil Terminal, also by the competent authorities (Customs, Coast Guard, National Public Health Center, the Klaipėda Regional Environmental Protection Department) of the Republic of Lithuania. Ship agents provide electronically to the NLESIS information on vessels‘ arrival / departure time, number of persons on board, waste, securrity as well as international FAL forms of documents: General Declaration, Cargo Declaration, Ship's Stores Declaration, Crew's Effects Declaration, Crew List, Passenger List (if the passengers available), Dangerous Goods Manifest; Maritime Declaration of Health. Officers of the competent authorities, connected to the NLESIS, can review the information and mentioned forms of documents electronically. There is no need to provide relevant documents on paper forms.


Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration provides the following administrative services electronically to national users:

1. Data reporting to the SafeSeaNet about vessels calling at Lithuanian sea ports and leaving them.

2. Previews of data on the vessels in the sea area of responsibility of Lithuania and in Lithuanian sea ports (for residents). See web link

3. Previews of data on the vessels in the sea area of responsibility of Lithuania and in Lithuanian sea ports (for authorized users only).

4. Providing of data on the incident reports to vessels in the sea area of responsibility of Lithuania or in Lithuanian sea ports to the of SafeSeaNet.

5. Reviews of reporting formalities on the vessels calling at the Butinge Oil Terminal.


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